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Snowball - Who am I?

By Mustafa Cebe and Ibrahim Cayir

Illustrated by Esin Sahin

Snowball, a wonderful white hare, but falls into a sludgy hole so that his friends no longer recognise him.In searching for his identity he meets hedgehogs, squirrels, bears and fish. Playing he wins new friends. Does he find his identity?

An illustrated book for children 3 – 6 years


€ 12,90
 English Children's Books 

The Fake Bat

Bei Engin Korelli

Illustrated von Esin Şahin

In a stormy night the wind opened Lidia’s window and a little Bate flew out. In a hidden forest the Bat encounters various creatures and the hazards of the night.In a cave the little Bat finds a friend, a real and experienced bat, who teaches the little Bat, that isn’t really a bat, how to hunt and how to counteract in the face of danger. Both learn what genuine friendship means.

An illustrated book for children 4 – 8 years

ISBN: 978-3-940267-08-5

€ 12,90